How do you and others benefit?  

But first, a long question and the answer..."If you are involved with:

  ~ Developing new clients, customers or members? 

  ~ Thanking current relationships, donors and supporters?

  ~ Helping others in raising funds and support? 

  ~ Recognizing and rewarding management and staff?

​then deepening these relationships can ease the way to discuss issues and answers to many important questions. It is hard work  to get to the core of things, seek truth and find what is real and good in life. Beyond Golf can make it a little easier.

You will now be better equipped  to accomplish the objective of providing  others with  a deeper understanding of God and His purpose in their lives."   

Who we serve and the benefits!

Business owners, ​professionals, corporate management, Pastors and missional organizations and their respective staff, individuals and entrepreneurs. 

Our typical clients are...

" Perhaps a time for unanswered  questions "

If we can  serve you please call or Email, 

Art Brosius


"Deepening relationships in life and business"

Beyond​ Golf