" Perhaps a time for unanswered  questions "

"Deepening relationships in life and business"

Beyond​ Golf

Why do we do this...
We consider it our privilege and responsibility to create the opportunity for people to learn more about who God is and how He changes lives. We can help  that  along  by bringing people together around Golf  where they  can  connect with others  in interesting  and  relaxed settings.

What we believe...


We believe that God has a purpose for everyone's life. 

We want everyone to know Him and understand who He is. 

We know people change and flourish as they discover their purpose.

We believe deeper relationships come from and lead to greater trust.  

We believe that when trust exists, personal and business lives are made better. ​   We want to be a part of fostering those relationships. 

Our purpose ...

To provide opportunities using Golf, for businesses, congregations and missional organizations 

 to help people find the purpose God has for their lives.    

If we can  serve you please call or Email, 

Art Brosius