"Deepening relationships in life and business"

Beyond​ Golf

We customize these meetings, events and outings around your needs. Each opportunity will include a topic or  theme of significance  presented with short talks, lectures and/or workshops.  Of course, meals and Golf at quality  venues are a part of the occasion. All options will include a PGA instruction that will  enhance your game. No guarantees, of course. In each case, we want to support the development of relationships in an environment where all can experience a growing sense of trust and a greater understanding of who God is.

How do we do this? 

We use a number of different settings:

  ~ Networking meetings

  ~ Half day/full day meetings with workshops and speakers

  ~ Trips/events of several days to a week or more

  ~ Traditional Golf outings 

~ Traditional Golf outings:

We create traditional Golf outings or partner with you in planning and facilitating your own event.

How do we do this?

~ Trips: 

Trips are an extended version of the half or full  day  agendas. Travel and accommodations are arranged for both here and abroad with sightseeing optional. The programs, workshops and speakers are more extensive. These events can also be scheduled to coincide with  USGA and PGA Competitions.

~  Networking meetings:

Here we take advantage of the popular idea of getting  together  with your peers over a meal during the day or after work. We plan these at a Golf Club, add a  short Golf clinic,  a meal and a time for discussion. Groups of 4 - 8 are ideal. The  host of this type of gathering will  carry the topic and include personal and  business experiences. 

~  Half/Full day meetings:

Full or half day opportunities can be tailored to your agenda. The  experience typically involves a guest speaker and/or a workshop.  A fine meal will be served before or after the round of Golf and a clinic. These are always held at quality venues.

" Perhaps a time for unanswered  questions "

If we can  serve you please call or Email, 

Art Brosius